Top 5 Industries in New Zealand Open to Overseas Job Seekers

Explore exciting opportunities in New Zealand's top 5 industries that are embracing job seekers from around the world. Discover how you can pursue a fulfilling career, and remember, Job for Visa is here to assist you every step of the way! Your dream job may be closer than you think!

Top 5 Industries in New Zealand Open to Overseas Job Seekers

If you're considering a move to New Zealand and are on the hunt for a job, you might be curious about which industries are actively hiring from abroad. While the job market has presented its challenges in recent times, certain sectors are notably receptive to international talent.

Here's my curated list of industries that have shown a positive response to overseas candidates in recent months, even though IT usually takes the spotlight:


Programmers, especially those with full-stack experience, are in high demand. Java, JavaScript, and Python are some of the most popular languages employers are looking for.

Infrastructure jobs

New Zealand's thriving construction industry is always seeking talented professionals, from construction managers to project managers and beyond, to help build the nation's future.

Baker with a variety of delicious freshly baked bread and pastry


Bakers are in high demand, with many bakeries looking for experienced professionals. I met a lot of cooperative Bakeries here, and there are currently a few bakeries that would be eager to welcome bakers.


Electrical and mechanical engineers are in high demand, especially those with CNC experience.

Image of plumber man with equipment and clipboard working in apartment

Plumber / Welder

Plumbers and Welders are also in high demand, with many employers looking for experienced professionals.

It's important to note that job hunting in these industries may still require persistent effort, but typically, favorable offers can be secured within a reasonable timeframe.

Based on my experience, a successful job search from overseas hinges on thorough preparation and a well-executed job search strategy. If your profession doesn't fall into the above categories, don't be disheartened; opportunities may still arise. However, the mentioned industries have displayed a more favorable response to our approach in recent months.

Please bear in mind that this list is subject to change as market dynamics evolve. If other sectors recognize the potential of hiring international talent, this list may shift. For now, these 5-6 industries offer promising prospects for job seekers.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to ask in the comments or reach out to me privately. Wishing you the best of luck in your job search, and remember, if you need guidance, don't hesitate to contact me!

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