Things to do upon arriving in New Zealand / Aotearoa

Relocating to New Zealand? Streamline your move with a structured approach to essential logistics. From financial setups and communication essentials to understanding healthcare and driving regulations, this guide provides a snapshot of key tasks awaiting

Things to do upon arriving in New Zealand / Aotearoa


Ever felt trapped in the paradoxical maze of job hunting abroad? The age-old dilemma goes something like this: "I can't secure a job because I don't have a visa, but I can't get a visa without a job offer!" This catch-22 can be both baffling and frustrating for aspiring professionals looking to make a mark internationally. But what if there was a way to navigate through this conundrum efficiently and effectively?

Moving to New Zealand requires thorough preparation and a checklist of crucial tasks to accomplish upon arrival. The Land of the Long White Cloud offers a blend of modern conveniences and unique cultural experiences, but like any relocation, it's essential to get key logistics in order.

  1. Setting up financial essentials such as opening a bank account
  2. Establishing communication by obtaining a local mobile number
  3. Registering for tax purposes and understanding the role of an IRD number.
  4. Navigating the housing market, from understanding demand to the rental process
  5. Understanding healthcare eligibility and the significance of the National Health Index
  6. Translating or converting overseas driving licenses to New Zealand standards

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