Celebrating Our First Success Story: Gyorgyi Overcoming Challenges to Relocate to New Zealand

In a tale of unwavering determination, one family's dream of starting anew in New Zealand took an unexpected turn when the world faced the challenges of a pandemic. Join us as we delve into their extraordinary journey and hear their firsthand account of triumph.

Celebrating Our First Success Story: Gyorgyi Overcoming Challenges to Relocate to New Zealand

Two years ago, a wonderful family from the Caribbean approached Job For Visa with a shared dream—to make a new life in New Zealand. We embarked on a journey, discussing the possibilities of securing a job that would pave the way for their visa application. We meticulously examined all the questions and parameters, eager to kickstart their job search. However, just as we were poised to take the next steps, fate threw an unexpected curveball with the onset of the pandemic.

The unimaginable happened—borders closed, dreams were put on hold, and we found ourselves in a two-year waiting game. Two long years passed, and finally, New Zealand reopened its borders, reigniting hope for this determined family. Without skipping a beat, we dove headfirst into realizing their dream.

The mother, a talented artisan baker, and the husband, skilled in the infrastructure industry, brought unique talents to the table. We immediately got to work:

  1. We meticulously updated and revamped their CVs and Cover Letters, ensuring they reflected their strengths and experiences.
  2. A fresh LinkedIn Profile was created, and their professional network was expanded to connect with potential employers.
  3. We carefully compiled a list of prospective companies, ready for direct applications.
  4. Our tried-and-true job search method was set into motion, and we worked closely together to explore every avenue.

Throughout this journey, our communication was paramount. Whenever they had questions or needed guidance, we connected to strategize the best next steps. Within a few weeks, they had their first interview, followed by a series of subsequent ones.

After 1-2 months of intensive job searching and preparation, their hard work paid off—they received not just one, but multiple verbal job offers! The next phase involved booking a flight for the final rounds—face-to-face meetings and official offers. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing due to ongoing COVID-related travel restrictions. Nevertheless, their determination prevailed.

Undeterred, they booked a lengthy flight from the Caribbean Islands to New Zealand, spanning three to four days. Upon arriving, they explored not just one, but multiple bakery opportunities, two of which extended written job offers. This milestone meant they could now apply for a work visa!

Gyorgyi and her family

We did it! They did it! We couldn't be happier for them as they embarked on this incredible journey towards a new life in New Zealand. Their story is a testament to perseverance, resilience, and the power of dreams.

Below, you can read their own account of this extraordinary experience and Gyorgyi's thoughts on the services we provided, as she shared their side of the story.

I was alone in my job search, but it turned out to be a more significant task than I thought. I was looking for ways to be more successful in it. That's when I found Suzanne. I found her very up-to-date, prepared, and sympathetic during our first conversation. Not only she did use the general job searching methods, but she also wholly customized it all. We discussed my goals, what position was proper, the demand for that type of role by region, and how much I could earn. She also gave me information about the different regions of New Zealand, as they can be so different. She helped me write the perfect resume and cover letter and prepared me for the job interviews. 
She did everything and taught me to find a job and secure a job offer. She was there until the end, and she kept track of things if she didn't hear from me.  If I had a question answered immediately in writing, or we talked. It was perfect and easy to work with during the whole process. She had a definite sense of where to go. If we set off in a direction, we also discussed the experiences on the way, and if a line flattened, she was looking for a new approach, a method, and how to proceed further. She is a very motivated, dynamic, up to date, committed, thorough and motivating person. We registered on all job search portals, searched for job ads, applied for them, and took them to the table made by Suzanne. We searched for companies online and sent the application by e-mail. Then, we put these into the tables created on Google drive in which we entered what happened, company names, contact information, dates, and feedback. She helped build my LinkedIn profile, introduction, skills, and qualifications from scratch, which things are worth highlighting. How to make new connections and let people know you're looking for a job. We had the most success here. The relationship with the companies was more direct and informal. All in All, it was very successful, as I managed to get two job offers. She is a very good professional and a human being; thanks to her I got an offer from an excellent company. In addition to all this: She helped with many other questions I asked on the go, starting school, buying a car, bills, renting a house and so on.
There is always light after the storm

In my career as an immigration agent, I've encountered many unforgettable stories, but Gyorgyi's family's journey remains particularly etched in my memory. It was not just their move but the extraordinary circumstances surrounding it that made their story so compelling. Just before their departure, the Caribbean was hit by a severe tropical storm, unlike any I had heard of in years, struck the island. Gyorgyi's call to me during this time was filled with palpable tension. Their home faced the full fury of nature: relentless winds that howled like wild beasts and torrential rains that seemed to want to reclaim the land for the sea. The storm was more than a meteorological event; it was a trial by nature. They "survived" the storm, as Gyorgyi put it, with a mixture of fear and awe in her voice. They faced adversity not just in the form of bureaucratic challenges but in the very forces of nature. The storm became a symbol of the trials they overcame in pursuit of a new beginning.

Stories like Gyorgyi's are a powerful reminder of the impact of our work in immigration. We do more than move people from one place to another; we're part of a transformative journey that reshapes lives. The storm they weathered, both literally and metaphorically, will forever be a part of their story, as it is now a part of mine.

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