Success Recap: Our Inspiring New Zealand Seminar in Hungary

Our recent New Zealand seminar in Hungary was a hit, with a packed venue of 100 attendees. We covered vital topics like visas, employment, and more, ensuring interactive discussions and a wealth of shared knowledge. Check our FAQ for more insights!

Success Recap: Our Inspiring New Zealand Seminar in Hungary

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent event held on April 11th, which far exceeded our expectations in attendance! With a room packed with 100 attendees, we are glad we opted for a larger venue, providing ample space for everyone interested in learning about relocating to New Zealand.

Our comprehensive seminar covered key topics such as visa processes, the Working Holiday Scheme, job search and employment, housing, education, life in New Zealand in general, and even bringing pets to the country. These subjects are crucial for anyone considering a move to New Zealand, and we delved into each topic with detailed discussions and advice.

The event lasted nearly four hours and was filled with engaging, interactive conversations. Suzanne was inundated with questions, not just during the session but even during breaks, illustrating the high level of engagement and interest from the audience. This dynamic interaction is exactly what we aimed for, as we believe the best discussions happen when participants feel involved and eager to learn.

During our event, we delved into several key topics that are essential for anyone considering moving to New Zealand:

  • Green List: We discussed how to check the Green List to identify roles in demand in New Zealand. If your profession is listed and you meet the necessary qualifications, registration, or experience, you might be eligible for immediate residence or residence after 2 years of work in New Zealand.
  • Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV): We covered important updates affecting both current holders and future applicants of AEWV, ensuring attendees are up-to-date with the latest requirements.
  • ANZSCO Framework: We explored the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), a crucial system for the collection, publication, and analysis of occupation statistics, aiding understanding of employment classifications in both countries.
  • NZQA Resource: For those seeking to have their foreign qualifications recognized and accredited in New Zealand, we highlighted how the NZQA resource offers detailed guidance on the necessary steps for formal recognition.
  • Occupational Registration: We advised attendees on the importance of contacting the registration authority for their occupation if they need to apply for occupational registration, a crucial step to meet all legal employment requirements in New Zealand.
  • Skill Levels: Understanding the concept of skill levels, which classify occupations based on the required level of expertise and qualifications, was also discussed. This classification impacts eligibility for various types of visas and registration requirements in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand Health Requirements: The New Zealand immigration authority provides detailed information about the health criteria required for visa approval. It is crucial to note that the provided list of health requirements is not exhaustive. Every application is independently evaluated by medical professionals. Health examinations are conducted by designated panel physicians who enter the results into an electronic eMedical system. Importantly, these physicians do not have the authority to make evaluative decisions on the results; this responsibility lies solely with the medical officers at the immigration office.

We believe that these discussions aim to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of moving to and working in New Zealand more effectively.

For those who couldn't attend, don't worry! You can find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about each of these topics under the FAQ section of our website. Additionally, our services include exploring relocation opportunities to New Zealand, job search advice, resume writing, and visa handling. If you are seriously considering moving and want to know your chances of relocating to New Zealand, or if you need specific assistance, please feel free to contact us through our contact form or email

We are pleased to say that the event was a tremendous success, and we are grateful to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm and thoughtful questions helped make this a rewarding gathering.

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