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Should I Stay or Should I Go ooo

  • Are you thinking of moving countries?
  • Have you always dreamed of living in Australia or New Zealand?
  • Do you want to try your luck and give it a chance?

I believe this is a decision where you cannot be well-prepared enough. Below I have tried to gather the questions that I think are worth pondering, discussing with yourself or, if you are not alone, with your partner too. If you come with kids, I think it’s worth chewing through some questions with them, and if they are almost adults or teenagers, I highly recommend it.

As I called in my previous post, the whole process of changing countries / restarting yourself is anย Emotional Rollercoaster. You can feel entirely clueless, and your self-confidence can hide deep under a rock you can’t find anymore. In such cases, it is good to have someone next to you to help and turn on a torch to show: that it is there, just hiding. BUT you can find it, take it out, and re-plant / re-grow and re-develop it.

Losing self-confidence and questioning yourself is expected. I see this the most when moving from another country.ย 

Since you are at Home, you know blindly what / where to find things and how to do simple and more complex stuff. You know, without even thinking about it. You grew in it / with it. You already know what to do and where to find what you want. After all, this is the knowledge you don’t think about while you’re in your comfort zone, in your environment, you are at Home. You use it, you could say, like a reflex-like knowledge. You react without thinking.

But you will have no experience here in your New Home.ย I don’t want to discourage or deter anyone. I’d instead urge you to think carefully about your decision. Try to gather as much information as possible, talk to as many people as possible, and read on. However, if you have made a decision, make a decision. And ACT. DO IT! do not wait for miracles. Involve your people, try to find help, so you do not need to do everything by yourself, and make sure you have a support person, a group of people who can help you all the way and when you arrive and later on.

These are the questions that are worth asking/thinking about it:

Expectation / Change Management:

  • What change/ outcome would you expect if you move to a foreign country?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for the success of the move?
  • Is there a point when you would say it is not worth it? If yes, when would it be?
  • Do you have a plan B?
  • How do you handle uncertainty?

Relationship Management:

  • How would you feel if you imagined not meeting your family and friends in person for years?
  • If you don’t have your usual buddies to drink a beer/wine with after work or ring someone to tell them what happened to you quickly?

Career Management:

  • How important is it to keep the results you have already achieved?
  • Are you ready to restart your career, to step back on the career ladder?
  • What’s the plan for your partner? How and what are they going to work?


  • What is your primary motivation, and what is the motivation of others coming with you?

“The future of children”ย is the motivation most often heard.

  • What exactly does this mean for you? What exactly will you hope for their future in the other country?
  • Do you and your partner both want to come as much?

Lastly, maybe the most critical question is what usually seems easy, but I see it is rare for people to do it in real life.

  • Can you ask for help if needed? And don’t feel vulnerable and weak to ask for it?

I believe these questions can help you make the final decision for the central question,ย “Should I go or Should I stay? ”ย and knowing the answers can benefit you later.

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