Our Journey to New Zealand!​

“In December 2019, after our son’s birthday, we decided to move to the other side of the world, to Australia. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, and the borders were closed. At that time, we did not know for how long. Unfortunately, due to the strict Australian regulations, the age limit for applying for residency, and the delayed border closure, we slipped out of this in 2 years, so we decided to move to New Zealand instead of Australia.

Finally, in January 2021, it felt for the first time that maybe the borders would slowly open at some point, and we started the preparations and contacting Suzanne.

We turned to her with the calmness of underdogs because my husband has a lot of work experience, but he has no official qualifications, and we were not sure that this would be enough to secure a job offer. We sent our CVs to Suzanne, booked an online consultation.
Our greatest surprise was that Suzanne was confident that my husband could find a job.
As there is a significant shortage of people in New Zealand, especially in my husband’s profession (industrial machine mechanic/maintainer) and because his English is good.

We agreed that as soon as there is more reliable news about the border opening, we will contact her again. In the summer of 2021, they announced an opening every two months and then it never happened, so we sat on it.
In the spring of 2022, Suzanne contacted to check if our plans are the same. We agreed to start our job search with full force!

She edited my husband’s CV, created a LinkedIn profile entirely from scratch, listed contacts, and wrote introduction texts and cover letters in advance. Then, we started to use her job search method.

I was so sceptical about it.

But as soon as we started the work, the results came within a couple of weeks.
On average, 10/5 people responded to the inquiry, and 10/3 said that as soon as we landed in New Zealand, we should all look for them!

I didn’t even dream about it. I didn’t think they would write back at all, let alone want to talk! Since we are not talking about the IT world, it was almost certain that we would not be issued a work contract via an online interview, but we were also very grateful for these reactions.
After a while, we were contacted by people with whom we had no relationship, so we were sure we were on a perfect platform, doing the right job search method. Everyone was willing to help, and many people gave us more advice on where to look.

After a while, when we collected enough contacts and companies who were willing to interview my husband, we decided to travel to New Zealand to have in person interviews. In total, 20 contacts waited for us to land. We had five interviews in the first week, and 3 of these five offered a job immediately. All this happened four days after we landed!

In addition, Suzanne also helped with many small things. These seem like small things but were a massive relief in everyday life for us. For example, we arrived with a 3-year-old little one. She recommended indoor swimming pools and nearby playgrounds, checked the Airbnb’s, which are in a good neighbourhood and gave her name as a reference for a long-term rental.

I’m saying that if we did it without qualifications, with only verified work experience, this method works for anyone!”

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