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I have a few clients who were only waiting for that moment when they could finally restart/start their job search.
So, when finally it happened, they were the first few ones who right away approached me to restart our search.
We started from the basics as two years passed.

  • Updated and rewrote their CV and Cover Letter
  • Updated/boosted their LinkedIn Profile and expanded their Network
  • Collected possible Companies to apply to
  • Started my Job Search method
  • Prepared them for interviews

In the beginning, we got a few rejections, but after 2 weeks, companies started to realize that they could hire someone from overseas. So, after a few interviews and in all two months, they got a written job offer, and right now, they are finishing all the necessary papers works, packing, and organizing their life to get here as soon as possible.

Below you can read what they experienced in the last few months:

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Constraction Project Manager

"In July 2020, we decided to move to New Zealand in the midst of the pandemic. While gathering information, we found Suzanne. We knew in advance that New Zealand is an entirely different world, so we need someone who knows the kiwi way of thinking and has experience of Europe. She has been honest from our first conversation, telling us about the difficulties, and the opportunities and that no one can see the end of the closure due to the coronavirus, so we should be patient. She suggested that until we can move, we should raise as much seed money as possible. For 1.5 years, she contacted us regularly to see how we were doing, how we were getting on, and whether our goals had changed. At the beginning of 2022, as soon as the news of the border opening came, Suzanne contacted us and told us that if we wanted to move to New Zealand, we should speak with our immigration adviser and start looking for a job. We started working together. We discussed which of us had the best chance of finding a job and focused on that. She helped us polish our CVs, both tailored to the sector in content and presentation. She helped us write the perfect cover letter and created spreadsheets for job searches. She was very strategic in guiding me through job applications and LinkedIn cold calls. The latter proved to be successful. So interview dates were arranged in a short time. Suzanne prepared me for interviews with text materials and verbally. The search was successful because I got a great job offer at a great company. I'll never forget that I sent her the news as soon as I got the job offer because I couldn't believe it. She called me online immediately, was happy for us and was already looking at the next step. We can both honestly say that without Suzanne, it wouldn't have worked. She is outstanding in her profession, highly motivated and passionate. She understands people and problems, she looks for solutions, and she's a great person at the same time. Besides finding a job, whatever we ask, she always answers as helpful as possible. Our work together is not over yet, because once we are in the country, the other one of us has to find a job. But we think that it will be easy with Suzanne by our side. " Petra Mojzes

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