Christchurch New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand with ease

Suzanne made the impossible possible!

She helped my husband and me with everything we needed, even when it came to negotiating salaries.
She is highly efficient!

Her communication skills are top-notch; she’s efficient yet friendly in her approach.
We could call her to calm me down again in excitement before the start of our journey! Which helps put people at ease before they start their journey moving abroad.

It’s hard to believe that we are so lucky, but it is true. The companies competed for my husband, and Suzanne helped with the salary negotiation part too! In addition, she helped us get a much better visa option than what would’ve been available without her job search assistance.

She’s not just helpful in the professional realm but also in everyday life. We’re grateful that she made moving to a new country much more accessible, especially with two children under four and two 30kg dogs.
We are very grateful to Suzanne for making this difficult task easier– to move abroad to the other side of the world.

Now we are settled in Christchurch. One month is over, and she is still asking us if we are alright and do we need any help to find our way in a new city and country.

We love it here! We are good!

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