Emotional Roller Coaster

Are you thinking of moving countries? 

Some people think that moving to a new country is the adventure of a lifetime… the opportunity to travel, explore new places and cultures, have new experiences, and meet new people. While all of this is true… the reality is not as picture-perfect as the highlights we post on social media make it appear.

Moving to a New Country is a BIG DECISION!

Starting over in a new place is HARD.

Even if you in good financials you have an excellent job from day zero, you still will have a series of unforeseen and unplanned events. If you stay in good financial condition after moving, you have a good job immediately, and you still have a series of unexpected/random events. The country you are moving to may be more developed, but this does not necessarily mean you can enjoy all aspects of it immediately. It is no coincidence that the change of country is also called a FRESH START, RESTART.I think this is a great expression entirety. But first, you must rebuild yourself, your life, and your family’s life.

You must learn the tiny/little everyday life-related knowledge of the new country “again”, make new friends, and start the ladder in your profession. In the beginning, you must find answers to the fundamental questions of everyday life. 
Ask for help, ask questions, and browse the Internet. Even considering such simple things, where can you buy a good croissant or coffee? Find a good family doctor, school, and your favourites in the grocery stores – maybe they don’t have it at all! 

You’ve left behind everything that is familiar, people and places that you loved, your routines, your support network, and your community involvements.

Also If you are an accompanying partner, you may have moved for your partner’s career and feel unsure of your own purpose and goals in this new place. Your partner is busy adjusting to their new role at work, and you don’t know anyone in your new place. Life can start to feel lonely and stressful quickly in this scenario. 
Plus, coming from a, not as developed country as your destination country also means that your home savings capital is worth significantly less.
In one sentence, I used to say that the first 1-2 years is an INVESTMENT.  Emotional and Financial Investment. 

Usually, people say that changing countries emotionally is like a roller-coaster. Up and down and again and again.
I think, and based on my own experience, that gives a perfect picture. It is really like a roller-coaster. 
Thrilling, with screaming etc. and laughing or the two simultaneously. When you have finished high, likely, you are not afraid to go again, and you know it is natural to feel unsafe sometimes.

If you feel it would be great to talk with someone who had the same experiences same struggles, I am happy to chat. You can have me as your personal guide, inspiration guide, and cheerleader.

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