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How does this work? To begin, please fill out the form below and either upload your current Resume or provide a brief summary of your professional experience if you do not have one. Please take your time to provide as much information as possible, as this will enhance the value of the assessment process. If our assessment indicates that your chances of obtaining a job offer are realistic, we will invite you to proceed to the next step. Please rest assured that the information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of determining your eligibility.

Client Testimonials

"I chose the All-in-All package!"

"Suzanne not only helped me with reviewing and polishing my CV and LinkedIn profile, but she also connected me with lots of people via LinkedIn. In one month I got a job offer from a New Zealand company that led to a work visa, so I managed to move there with my family. Suzanne also helped me with the relocation and advised on many aspects of life in New Zealand: finding an accomodation, finding a school for the kids, being successful in the workplace, etc. Her services were key to my success! I am grateful to her and I absolutely recommend her!"


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"Grateful for your presence, mindfulness, and commitment, and I am recommending you for anyone and everyone who needs help searching for their job, and looking for advice while maintaining a professional, yet personal service."

"Suzanne is a true Professional!"

"Suzanne helped me find and secure a job, enabling me to move to Canada with my family. She also boosted my CV and helped me how to find and contact people using LinkedIn. I highly recommend her service!”

"Outstanding professional"

job offer, work visa nz

"I chose the All-in-All package, which was very successful, as I managed to get two job offers. She is an outstanding professional and a human being; thanks to her, I got an offer from an excellent company."

"Got job 1 week after landing!"

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"After just two months of preparation and only one week after landing in New Zealand I got four eligible job offers after having six interviews. The strategy is straightforward and excellent and proven to be working. I have been given the highest quality of service. All my questions were answered immediately, communication was flawless. Highly recommended! A must when looking for a job for visa!”

“Someone who cares”

job offer, work visa nz

"We can both honestly say that without Suzanne, it wouldn’t have worked. She is outstanding in her profession, highly motivated and passionate. She understands people and problems, she looks for solutions, and she’s a great person at the same time."

"Great support and encouragement"

"Suzanne helped me a lot with my job search in New Zealand. At first, we re-worked my CV to appeal more for an HR specialist first look, and focus on the relevant strengths. Then she helped in enhance my network and to find direct channels to decision makers. It worked, soon I found myself in 4 parallel job interviews, and I've accepted an offer.
I'm here in Auckland right now, arranging everything needed for the big move with my family. Suzanne gave directions on how to navigate NZ bureaucracy, choosing a housing location, schools. She was always kind and helpful."

"She is fantastic, very professional and incredible knowledge!"


"Suzanne was great and very professional. After one meeting she had an amazing understanding of what career she can direct me after being a mum for 15 years. She helped me with my CV and in a week I received a job offer. She is fantastic, very professional and incredible knowledge Thanks Suzanne so much!"

"It was fantastic to work together"

"It was fantastic to work together. Everything was clear and smooth. We found a very nice job offer together. Suzanne drive my path and answered clearly to all of my questions. I much appreciate her work."

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